Taoist - Gail Whitsitt-Lynch


The Gate Alabaster
Integrated Each
The Universal Valley
The Way of Water
Balancing the Burdens of Too Much
The Unlimited Life
The Experience of Time Passing
The Wise One
The Difference Between the Good & the Dutiful
Abandoning the Ruler Mind
The Essence Supports All Lives
Being Receptive
The One Who Is Vain
Prudence Uproots Frivolous Behavior
Spontaneous Balanced Simplicity
One Reverses the Position
Be Determined and Brave Using the Gentle Way
There Is Always Another Force With the Same Intention
Being Natural Requires Internal & External Harmony
Do Not Decide In Advance the Way Things Are
Gently Return to the Root Born From Nothing
Nurture Your Life Energy to Quell Aggression
Combine Energies & Become Gentle
Your Mind is the Barometer of Your Soul's Energy
Seek Inner Harmony and Constancy to Live a Long Life
Be Quiet & Still to Let Your Life Energy Function
Attain the Harmony of Both Partners
Accept & Absorb to Find Harmony
Build With the Small to Accomplish Bigness
Employing the Strength of the Opposite Side
Be Decisive With Righteous Reason
Wear Ordinary Clothing But Carry the Treasure Within
Remove the Pressure of Superficial Appearances
Give Others Room to Move Around, but Offer No Escape
Each Deed Causes a Natural Response
Cultivate Yourself Spiritually